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Open the door to smarter communication - Ruume
Ruume lets organizations and members deliver messages that keep personal information private.

  • Privacy
  • Personal information is never displayed.
  • Your organization's members, customers, fans (or, as we call them, RuumeMates) receive messages WITHOUT DIVULGING their contact information, so they're more likely to OPT IN. They decide how to receive messages - email, text, and, coming soon, Facebook.
  • Accountability
  • We'll tell you who read a message and when.
  • Accountability is key. Both you and your members will know WHEN messages were opened and WHO opened them. No more 'but I never received it' because the proof is right there.
  • Convenience
  • No contact lists. Use any device.
  • With Ruume, there's no need to maintain contact lists. We MANAGE it. You just SEND the message. Create targeted groups, send organization updates, events, polls. Even send a message to a license plate or parking spot when you don't know whose car it is with its lights on. And you can do it from any device.